Pupils are admitted into our school in accordance with the Local Authority’s policy for the admission of pupils to special schools.  Admission is only through the Local Authority Special Educational Needs Office (SENO) who can be contacted through the Education Office, County Hall, Northallerton.

The Process

Pupils must have a Statement of Educational Needs or Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) and have a referral to the SENO as a result of their latest annual or interim review.

If the Local Authority feels that a placement at our school is appropriate they will present all the documentation relating to that pupil to a multi-agency panel.  They will then determine if our school should be approached to see if we feel it would be an appropriate placement.

We will then look at all the documents and will come and observe the child in their current educational setting.

At this point we make a decision about if we can meet the child’s needs and notify the local authority

Once an offer to the child and their family has been made, then we can begin to arrange a personalised transition route. If, as a school, we decide that we can meet the needs of that pupil then the transition between the present school and ours can be negotiated and a specific start date determined.

Prospective parents/carers are very welcome to visit our school.  Please ring for an appointment.