With school closures looking likely, we have produced weekly packs of maths activities/worksheets for Years 1 - 6 that teachers and parents can access free of charge so that they can support children while they are at home.
We have selected six sets for each pack from our large collection of high quality resources, with each pack concentrating on a particular area of maths. A pack will have approximately a week’s work.
To make it as easy as possible, these can be accessed with any account, including a free trial, even if it has expired. Simply login and click on the ‘Maths Worksheets’ tab along the top of the screen and then select ‘Free Home Study Packs’.
New users can access these resources by signing up for a free trial account, no payment details are necessary.
Please spread the word about this to other teachers and parents so that they can access these resources too. You can forward this email to a friend or share it below:

We hope this helps in the difficult times ahead.
URBrainy Team