Headteacher Updates


Dear Parents and Carers
As well as writing to you to share your child’s progress report I also wanted to thank you for your overwhelming support and best wishes over the last few weeks.  These are obviously really challenging times for everyone and we have to work together to get through this and it is just lovely to see that you all share this view.

The safest place for everyone is in their homes; the guidance and advice around this is overwhelming clear.   I don’t want to write to you with lots of negative thoughts but it would be foolish if we didn’t face directly the very real threat of a deadly virus.  It takes whole communities to keep this at bay and by keeping your children at home you are contributing to this safety net for everyone.  The Prime Minister has warned us not to become complacent and has notified us that it will get worse before it gets better.  I am aware that there may be one or two challenges in the home environment because children are out of their routine and are beginning to get a little bored etc, but please stick with this.  The seriousness of COVID-19 cannot be underestimated and will pass in time but hopefully with less fatalities if we do this together.
We realise that many of you will be working or caring for others whilst trying to support your child’s learning at home, so we want to offer you our support, reassurance and a few tips.

Routine – A daily routine will help your child to feel more settled in these unusual circumstances. You will know what’s best for your child.

Balance – Dividing your time between learning, play, exercise and relaxation will help to ensure things don’t get too fraught at home.

Little and often – Short periods of learning (up to 15-20 mins) followed by a break are best for keeping your child interested in learning tasks.

Personalise – Your teachers are providing links to resources and ideas for learning activities. Use them in a way that suits you best – you are a parent/carer, not a teacher. If things are not working, then try something different.

Be practical – Children learn best when activities are engaging and practical. If you can link the learning to real-life, even better!

Lifeskills – Doing tasks together in the house or garden can provide great learning opportunities and if they involve any reading or maths, that’s a bonus.

Stay active – Any sort of physical activity you can do during the day will help with both physical health and mental health.

Celebrate – Notice and praise all your child’s successes and keep sharing them with us.

Enjoy! – Treasure and make the most of the extra time you have together with your child.

Be kind to yourself – Everyone’s finding the current situation hard. You are doing enough by loving and supporting your child through this difficult time.

We will continue to answer your emails, reply to your voicemails and provide support and updates to the learning resource page on the school website.

We do not yet have any indications about when schools will resume although I am sure you will have kept up to date with the news announcements which are indicating what looks like a rather longer period of time than any of us might have hoped for.  Over the coming weeks we will be making phone calls to you to check that everyone is safe and well and to see if there is anything further that we can do to help.  It is just our way of keeping in touch and making sure that all the children remain very aware of how important they are to us whilst they are unable to attend school.
I hope you managed to watch the assembly on  Facebook on Friday that Miss Sargeson and Miss Taylor put together; it was lovely to see so many positive comments.  Thank you for your patience around the technology issues, a lot of it is really new to us so we are learning as we go.  Some of the children have been displaying their work on our Facebook page which is just lovely to see and means that their friends can see their work too and it is a really nice way to keep in touch.  Please feel free to do this or send it me via email if you would rather us in school do this.
Staff are also adding daily to the resources on the website (I have copied the link below).  There are so many resources on here which I am sure will be really helpful for you.
Although school will be closed over the Easter holidays, I will continue to pick up emails throughout so please do contact me if there is anything that you would like to ask or any queries etc – I have put my email at the bottom of this letter to make this easier for you.
I am overwhelmed by gratitude to you for all your positive comments and I know that when we come through this we will all have a renewed sense of gratitude for many of those things which we have previously taken for granted.  
It is my hope that my letter finds you well and that in the coming weeks you and all those dear to you stay safe.
Yours sincerely
Michelle Farr



Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you so much for all the continued support as we go through this very challenging time. I will be posting updates on here as frequently as we have additional information. I know that this is a strange time for you all but rest assured we are here to provide work and try to answer any questions that you may have.

We are adding to the on-line resources very frequently so please do keep checking there.

I am already excited about having the usual hustle and bustle of school life and know that the children are very safe in their loving homes with you until that time.

Stay safe everyone.

Michelle Farr




Dear Students

I am so proud of you all! I know that you know that my biggest wish for you always is that you are safe and I know that this is what your mums/dads/carers are doing right now – they are keeping you safe and so that makes me really happy.

I hope that you are doing your school work each day – I want to see how much progress you have made when you come back to us. Maybe you could ask your parents/carers to email me some of the work that you have done and then we can post it on our Facebook page for all your friends to see too. If you have any exciting stories that you would like to share through social media or our website then send these in too and we will share them – just like we would if you were all in school but we can just do it virtually instead!

Remember about making positive choices and make sure that you are doing all that you can to help around the house. I would like you all to challenge yourself to do one act of kindness each day please and write about this in a diary so that we can all share these.

Remember that at the moment we can’t go out and about as much as we would like to. This is the same for lots and lots of people all over the world. But remember – its isn’t forever, its just for a little while until we help everyone around us to help stop the virus from spreading.

Take care everyone.

Mrs Farr

Michelle Farr


The Forest School