Secondary Department

The Secondary Curriculum.

The secondary curriculum at The Forest School is based the National Curriculum.  The curriculum has been modified in order to cater for the educational and social needs of our pupils.

Since September 2018 we have made a number of significant changes to the way in which we deliver the secondary school curriculum.  These changes have been made in order to cater for the educational, social, physical and emotional needs of all of our pupils.     The main changes have been outlined below.

Progression Pathways

All pupils within the secondary department follow one of three distinct pathways.

Structure of the school day

The school day has been re-structured to have three teaching sessions per day (Monday to Thursday), and two teaching sessions on a Friday.   This has greatly reduced the number of transitions between lessons, which we know can be disruptive to learning.   


Cross curricular Themes

 A significant proportion of the curriculum is delivered in the form of cross-curricular themes

Literacy and Communication, Maths, and PE will continue to be taught as discrete subjects

Nurture time:

Every day starts and ends with “Nurture time”.  Within this time, pupils may participate in small group activities to cater for individual needs. Work within nurture time may relate to IEP targets.  Nurture time also provides an opportunity for the pupils to prepare for the day ahead and to reflect on their learning at the end of the day.  In addition, pupils will learn about British values.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

In the Spring term we will resume the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  Students will have the opportunity to work towards achieving D of E Bronze section awards for the Voluntary, Skills, and Physical components for the Bronze award.   Students in Year 11, for who it is appropriate, will be encouraged to work towards achieving the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award which will culminate in the D of E expedition in the Summer term

Careers Education and Guidance

Careers Education is integrated into both PSHCE and the ‘Preparing for Life’ themed curriculum.    Pupils in the upper school will access a dedicated Work-related education programme as part of the Preparing for Life curriculum.  This will involve closer partnership with local businesses, visits and hopefully the opportunity for some pupils to participate in work experience in the Summer term.    

We are very pleased to be able to work so closely with our Specialist Careers Advisor, Anne Joel who is available to offer advice and guidance to parents through the transition from The Forest School to post 16 education and training.   Anne will attend transition EHCP reviews and meet with Students and parents in order to offer careers advice and guidance.   Anne can be contacted by phone on 07805786379


The Secondary Curriculum: 2019/20

 Examples of some of our wider curriculum plans.

Expressive Arts will be based around six specific themes during the year.  Pupils will work collaboratively to showcase their work in the form of a production/display to be presented to a variety of audiences.  The six proposed themes this year are shown below:

The Religious Education Curriculum will be delivered through the Me in the World Curriculum. 

For the year 2018-19 the following RE activities have been planned