Careers Advice and Information

Careers Advice and Guidance:

The Forest School accesses the NYCC Specialist Careers Service to work with Key Stage 4 pupils, usually in Years 10 and 11.

In Year 10, pupils, and their parents or carers, have the opportunity to meet with a fully qualified Careers Adviser with extensive experience of working with young people with SEN. The purpose of the meeting is primarily to look at Post 16 education and training options for our pupils and to consider progression options, routes and potential barriers towards further education, training or employment.

The Careers Adviser will produce a Career Action Plan which will summarise discussion, advise on next steps, and provide relevant contact details or signposting information as appropriate. The Careers Adviser will remain in touch and is accessible throughout Years 10 and 11.  Parents or carers will be contacted again in Year 11 to review plans and progress in identifying their preference for Post 16 education, and advised on any further action which may be required.